The Orchid Pavilion takes its form from its surrounding architecture blending design and materials in a way that make the pavilion feel as if it existed all along. A statement in its form as it mimics the kiln tower in its reaching for the sky yet its construction comes from a deeply rooted understanding of vernacular materials and construction.



Using wood as its main element for construction, it draws at a very basic material abundant in the surrounding environment yet the silhouette is suggestive of parametric design. The building comprises a series of concentric envelopes that serve different functions yet completing each other. At the heart of the space is an education room that uses a flower planter as a roof collecting any rain water to be purposed for the flowers within said roof planter.

A spiral of orchids planters run across the inside of the shading screen comprised of thatch and a fabric retaining moisture in the space. All this is supported by a circular wooden truss structure majestically standing tall drawing from the near by pavilions and kiln, while using materials native to the host site.