We were given the unique challenge of creating an intimate cigar lounge, that is nestled atop a non functional helipad with jetliner views spanning all of LA. The design objective is to allow for maximum visibility and provide shelter from the elements while also creating an artistic rendition and a conversational piece. The challenge was to fit all the requirements while being the crown jewel of the estate. Inspiration struck at the intersection of architecture and the user’s rich cultural heritage, as one of Saudis most prominent business men, our client has a strong cultural affiliation to falconry - a sport widely revered amongst the Saudi elite.



It was only fitting for us to consider our high flying client for a falcon's nest cigar lounge. The design employed a parametric double membrane approach to designing the “shell” of the nest providing maximum shade and temperature regulation by keeping an air membrane between both surfaces of the structure.

All while opening up the views as much as possible to allow for unobstructed views of framed vistas. Nature is often the most awe-inspiring architect. For this project, we drew inspiration from the Peregrine Falcon. An extremely successful hunter due to it nesting atop very high elevations that provide it with protection and a vantage point.