Tips for Opening a Restaurant   22 08 2022

Today, we are going to continue our series on the best places to open a business in the catering industry by discussing restaurants. Read on to learn about how to choose a restaurant location and key elements to consider when creating your restaurant concept.

Location, location, location ( Best places to open a business)

A successful location for a restaurant should provide for parking spaces in accordance with the capacity of the restaurant. For the center of a large city, densely built up and crowded with cars, the availability of parking is a very significant advantage. For top-class restaurants, hidden parking or an entrance is important, and this must be taken into account when choosing a location for a business. It is rather difficult to independently determine such an opportunity without deep knowledge in this area, so it is better to turn to specialists. We will be happy to help you develop a restaurant location strategy. If there are no suitable parking places in the city center, you can choose a business location in an elite village, or in factories that have been converted into business clusters. We also pay attention to the direction of the car flow, and passing roads. A good location for a restaurant is where the driveway to the establishment is easily accessible and does not look like an obstacle course. If you want to open a restaurant outside the city, somewhere closer to nature, then in addition to cool design and presentation, you have a very, very big marketing strategy to do. People should know that they are going to the countryside for the best steak/sushi/apple tart in town. The locations of business is crucial, but that doesn't mean that the wrong location will always lead to the collapse of the restaurant. Although success will not be easy, it is not impossible.

How to choose a restaurant space?

The optimal area for a restaurant where guests will feel comfortable and the owner will be able to receive the most profitable profit for himself is 200 to 500 square meters. Although, as always, there are exceptions that we work with the client individually. At the stage of interior planning, we take into account all possible tools and experience that we transfer to interior solutions that enhance the price of each concept. The room should be located on the first floor of the building, or on the last. A restaurant that is located on the second floor, even in the first line of houses, usually goes bankrupt. It is not worth considering the types of locations next to residential buildings, as there may be complaints about noise (especially if you plan to open a terrace), this entails additional problems and headaches. Between a cozy building hidden behind the houses and a premise in need of repair by the road, choose the second option.


Now there are a lot of different restaurants and, accordingly, the competition is growing every year. Therefore, more and more often we notice how we are approached by restaurant owners who would like to open a new one or improve their existing restaurant in the context of an individual concept and non-standard interior. For a frequent interior plays an important part in the restaurant business, as people are taken to be or get carried away by the interior in addition to delicious cuisine. Since we are a design studio, we have an extensive view of interior solutions that will only strengthen the concept and complement it. We also always take into account directly in the creation of the concept of the restaurant in order to combine all the factors as much as possible into one good product.

Let us know what you think about our messages above and let's create something cool together! Take care of yourself and your money, contact us! Because the best restaurant is located where every professional in his field worked on its creation!