Tips for Opening a BAR   13 09 2022

Welcome to our final blog from the HoReCa section. Today we want to deepen you in one of our favorite areas of work. Because bars are always fun and out of the box, which is important to us. We hope you will find our tips for opening a bar useful and you will be able to learn something new and choose right place and concept of the institution.

Let's start traditionally with the business location

The best place to open a bar would be a separate building that previously housed a catering establishment or a nightclub. You can also rent the upper floors of shopping and entertainment centers, these will be good locations for such a business. If you want to open a small, cozy bar, take a closer look at the premises on the first or basement floors of non-residential buildings. We hasten to warn you. A residential building is a place where you cannot open a bar. Apartment owners will always complain about such a neighborhood, , so this is not the best place for business. It is acceptable for a bar to be located not in the first line of houses. Especially if it is a local bar, or hidden - it is quite possible to consider the location in the central part of the city, but not in plain sight. But we do not neglect the rule of a convenient entrance, and a good entrance group.

Bar concepts

Recently, we have increasingly noticed a trend towards launching the so-called “Secret Bars”. This concept is notable for the fact that the most important key to success is not the right location, but a cool interior and delicious cocktails. If we get along perfectly with the first point, then with the second we will need your help. So let's focus on the first factor - the interior design of the secret bar. In such concepts, it is noteworthy that we do not work on the exterior, but immediately go to the development of the interior. And this is cool, since the main idea of ​​such a format is a surprise. Clients approaching an old door and unremarkable architecture fall into a "rabbit hole" with cool design and booze. We try to make the interior design in such places futuristic or with non-standard forms of interior details that give additional charm to such a place. We like this concept of bars because we are building not just an interior, but an attraction of fun.


The best place to open a bar will be a place whose area should be at least 50 meters in the city if alcohol is retailed, with the exception of beer, beer drinks, cider, poiret, mead. The law does not provide for any other exceptions. In bar cases, we look more at the infrastructure of the location than the size, and work accordingly in more detail with the engineering and design team to comfortably serve a large number of clients

If you desire to open a bar or you have a great idea to realize then feel free to write to us to discuss the details. We are open to proposals for creating an individual bar throughout America and the world. Get in touch!