Three Tips for Opening a Cafe   28 07 2022

When considering a business location for a cafe, many different factors need to be taken into account. Follow these 3 simple tips that will help you decide on the ideal location to create the successful cafe of your dreams!

Tip 1: Location is everything.

Cafes need to be in lively neighborhoods to thrive. Finding business locations near universities, small businesses, shopping centers, offices, banks, museums, transportation hubs, and parks can greatly increase your impact. Additionally, look into your city’s plans for new infrastructure. New districts being built with residential, commercial, and entertainment zones all together will provide you with a constant flow of customers and make for some of the best places for business.

Tip 2: Be mindful of the interior space.

When choosing your space, you should think through the internal logistics of the cafe. You need enough space for your business to run smoothly and for your customers to be comfortable. The amount of space you need for your cafe will depend on your target audience and conceptual goals. If you choose to create an intimate setting, a smaller property could work well, so long as there is enough space for all of the equipment and storage needed. If your goal is to create a place for large groups to convene, you will want to find a location with space for multiple large tables and maybe even multiple rooms. For a coffee shop with minimal maintenance and a small number of seats, the floor space should be a minimum of 650-1000 sq ft. For a cafe with more seating and an additional menu, 1000-3000 sq ft is the standard range. Of course, every business is different, so you should consult with your team to determine what size building will make a great location for your business. Another interior consideration to take into account is natural light and ceiling height. Loft-style cafes are very popular and provide a lot of natural light and space for customers to do their work or relax with friends. Cafes are a place to be comfortable for extended periods of time, so you want to make sure that the air is flowing and people don’t feel cramped.

Tip 3: Visibility is key.

Your establishment should be visible in any weather and any lighting. In order to make this possible, you may have to change the facade of the property and surrounding area, which may lead to problems with the city in which your business is located. If you choose a location where this must be done, consider working with architectural professionals like us who have experience working with city governments to help push your plans through and obtain all of the necessary permits to build the perfect cafe location.

We hope these tips helps you find an amazing new business location for your cafe. Stay tuned for our next blogs where we will give you tips on finding locations for restaurants and bars!