Hello World   13 04 2022

For those who don’t know me, my name is Amr Samaha, and I am a licensed architectural engineer and the CEO of SAMAHA. I come from a long line of engineers and developers. I was born in Egypt, and my family and I moved to Kuwait when I was three years old, right after the first Gulf War. My father helped the Kuwaiti people redevelop many war-torn properties, seeing value among the rubble. Witnessing all the good he did inspired me to pursue a career in real estate, so I decided to attend architecture school in Cairo, Egypt. It was there where I received my license and began my career. I worked in the field of design and development until switching to finance about six years ago when I moved to the United States. I worked at a family firm for three years. While I enjoyed it, I missed working in real estate, so I decided to pursue my passion for architectural design once again. I combined what I had acquired through my years as an architect with my newfound knowledge of finance and the world of venture capital, and I created SAMAHA Studio.

At SAMAHA, we believe in everything that we do. We don’t just design our real estate projects, but we also invest in and develop them from start to finish. We create financial frameworks unique to each project, whether that means bringing on board interested parties or restructuring debt to ensure our projects’ profitability, viability, and success, while also making sure the end result is beautifully designed.

Currently, we have 12 projects in the works, ranging from single-family residences to high-rises in the LA metropolitan area. We also are working on a 200,000 sq ft tower on one of the most prestigious blocks of Wilshire Boulevard, which we are very excited about. Additionally, we have projects in Beverly Hills’ Golden Triangle and single-family residences all over the United States.

We work closely with our Tennessee partners, to create some of the most beautiful, luxurious products on the market in Nashville. We also managed to implement a unique project in Arizona – a micro-hotel project consisting of 12 connected outdoor rooms, which will be available for short-term rentals and retreats. Another out of state project we are working on is in Woodstock, New York. This project will feature 23 acres of land with hiking trails, cliff edges, and a ravine. It’s a beautiful site with great potential.I look forward to showing you more of the phenomenal projects we are working on and how we bring them to life in this ever-changing real estate jungle.