Design and Development Studio   25 05 2022

SAMAHA is a design and development studio based in Los Angeles, CA focused on providing high value returns through innovative creations. It is the place where truly incredible architectural objects are born, where international culture, art, and modern design artfully intertwine. SAMAHA Studio has received prestigious international prizes and awards such as the MasterPrize Award, the A’ Awards, and the Titan Property Awards.

Our team of designers and developers are passionate about creating innovative, landmark developments that integrate seamlessly into their environments. We create fully realized business opportunities that intertwine architectural and financial design. With each project, we conduct meticulous due diligence to ensure a smooth and timely delivery. Our vertically integrated team allows us to mitigate risk while providing high value returns to our investors and partners.

Assessing and prioritizing the needs of each independent community enables us to build optimal living spaces, so that our end-users can build their ideal lives. We strive to create socially valuable environments that guarantee long-term financial success. We create sophisticated, functional products of varying complexity and style, from offices and private apartments to public establishments and commercial building design.

When it comes to home and landscape design and decor, we are experts. We create low cost, creative home design plans that are high quality in materials to produce a lucrative result. We utilize different types of interior design styles depending on the needs of our clients and the property itself. Whether the house calls for simple, futuristic, minimal, farmhouse, loft, or industrial design, we have the tools and skill to turn each vision into reality and take into account trends in home design while staying classic. This applies to both our exterior and interior designs. We know how to design houses impeccably taking everything into account, whether that is our client’s home design ideas or the environment on which the property stands.